What do you do and why?

I’m the founder of Cave Social, a digital agency focused on helping companies tell their story to customers. I started the company, actually as an online magazine, because I wanted to create and tell stories to people online.

There was only one issue: online magazines are hard to monetize. So, I took this passion and pivoted to create a full-service agency.

In terms of why I started the company is really two-fold. From the company perspective, we want to create the best possible content for brands. While from a personal perspective, I’m extremely motivated by creating a workplace where creators feel not only safe to express themselves but empowered to do so in a fun work environment. With work being basically ⅓ of our lives, I want to make sure our people come to work enjoying themselves, pushing themselves and having a few laughs along the way.

What change would you like to enact in the world?

For me, I really want to elevate the people I interact with on a day-to-day basis. I think if I focus on mastering the micro and helping people push themselves, even incrementally, then I’m enacting change that will trickle downward.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I’ve lived in five major cities, and in three countries. Being able to experience different cultures and live in different cities has been a major part of my development as person, giving me some really useful perspective.

Why did you join IVY?

I was new to the Miami area in 2014, and IVY reached out to me inviting me to an event. After one event I was sold. I knew that I had found my tribe, people who are committed to personal growth, human connection and having some fun while doing it.

What has been your most memorable IVY Experience?

Well, it’s really the combination of two experiences. It started at Art Basel in Miami in 2016, where I was out with IVY members, taking in art and having a great weekend experiencing what Miami has to offer. Then, fast-forward a year, and I am living in Los Angeles, I head out to an IVY event and find myself surrounded by some of the people met at Art Basel, beyond that and to my surprise, there are other Miami members who’d moved to LA. It was that “ah ha moment” that showed me the real value of IVY–a network of people, across the country you can connect with.