What do you do and why?

I’m all about stories – whether it’s falling in love with them or bringing them to life.

I also co-produce and co-host the Your Biggest Fangirl podcast. We seek to be the best vehicle to explore fan culture and fandom in-depth and intellectually from a female perspective. We strive to offer knowledgeable viewpoints from two fangirls who not only are active in fandom, but possess “behind the scenes” experiences and access to the artists they admire. We create meaningful, entertaining dialogues with other fans, creators, and scholars, celebrating what it means to be a fangirl.

My friendship with my co-host Kristen was forged through a mutual love of fandom. We found that we had trouble finding other fangirls to really explore the nature of fandom with, and thus the podcast was born. With the podcast, we’re aiming to reduce the shame and stigma that’s attached to girls who are passionate about media by celebrating those who are. At the same time, however, we also seek to examine and unpack the less healthy aspects of fandom. Kristen and I are searching for that healthy balance of engaging in the space – how can these stories and characters serve you without interfering with your health? As someone who works in Hollywood, I’ve had the great fortune of meeting a lot of my favorite creators and even have worked with a few of them, so we also incorporate tips and tricks into our episodes on how fangirls can make the most of their own fan encounters.

This mission is incredibly personal to me. As much as I endeavor to be an uplifting voice in the fangirl community and for the podcast to provide a safe and empowering space, the notions of balance and shame are things that I’ve struggled with as a fangirl myself. My experience with fandom has tended to be an “all-or-nothing” style of engagement, so I feel that I’m learning just as much as I hope our listeners are as the podcast progresses.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I once helped the godfather of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, shop for jeans when I used to work in retail. He told me it was the first time he ever found the perfect pair on the first try!

Who do you admire and why?

Ashley Eckstein, entrepreneur, author, and actress, exemplifies my fangirl goals. Not only is she a beloved voice actress, best known for voicing the first major female Jedi character Ahsoka Tano in the Star Wars animated series, she also founded the lifestyle brand Her Universe. Originally founded as a “fashion for fangirls” clothing line, her motivation to create the brand was to support fangirls by having merchandise made specifically for them and encourage them to take more ownership in the space. The brand now has collections for children and men, as well as hosts a Project Runway-esque fashion show competition annually at San Diego Comic Con. Ashley has served as a major inspiration for my co-host Kristen and I with regards on how to make one’s passion their profession in an authentic and galvanizing way. We’re beyond proud to say that we’ve had Ashley as a guest on Your Biggest Fangirl, which had always been a major item on our fangirl bucket list!

Why did you join IVY?

I joined IVY because I was feeling insulated by the types of people I was meeting in my industry. Working in entertainment, I grew tired of constantly “talking shop” with my peers, and was attracted to the diversity in IVY’s membership. In addition to its members being from all walks of life, I also appreciated how IVY centered its mission on learning and expanding my horizons. Between the diversity of members and events, I was hooked!

What has been your most memorable IVY Experience?

My most memorable IVY event was the Thought Leader Brunch & Discussion with Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick in 2016. I was in the midst of developing my podcast, Your Biggest Fangirl, so the opportunity to speak with Lauyrn and Michael, who host such a successful podcast and pioneered such an authentic brand, was invaluable. The IVY introduction got me hooked on their podcast, The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, which has since been a constant source of motivation and knowledge for me. I especially treasured the intimate setting of the event, which allowed me to connect with fellow IVY members in addition to Lauryn and Michael, as well as the delicious food and setting at The District in West Hollywood.