At IVY, we’re firm believers in the power of human connections. As the world’s first social university, our mission is to forge connections between rising leaders across every industry for the purpose of sparking world-changing collaborations and propelling human progress.

One of the ways we pursue this goal is by offering our members novel experiences and fun events, always leaving plenty of time for meeting people. After all, as trite as it may sound, history’s greatest partnerships, from Lennon and McCartney to Bonnie and Clyde (not that we advocate that sort of behavior), started with a face-to-face connection. Our upcoming IVY Summer Solstice Party is just one example of the opportunities we offer to strike up a conversation with a stranger, and from there, build a meaningful relationship.


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It’s only fitting then that we are partnering with the team at Accomplish, who have built a new social productivity app that will change the career game—one neighborhood at a time.

The brain child of Jill Volpe Kirk, Accomplish is designed to transform any skilled professional into an entrepreneur by connecting them with opportunities on their doorstep. But more than just a product of the shared economy, Jill’s app is a powerful antidote to the screen-heavy, human-light digital age.

“In the digital age, it’s easy to overlook the huge value of face-to-face connections,” says Kirk. ‘But that’s where the magic happens. My eureka moment occurred one morning in a café while working on another startup: a clothes label for new moms. I needed marketing advice and noticed the café was full of people huddled over laptops, working separately but together in one space. I was sure someone there had the skills that could help further my business, but I didn’t know how to reach out. Then it hit me: what if I create an app that allows me to tap into the talent around me; a local community for like-minded professionals who have something to offer and want to collaborate.”

Kirk’s new app turns neighbors into coworkers and neighborhoods into workspaces. Like IVY, collaboration lies at the heart of Accomplish, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, professional growth, and making new things happen. Kirk believes that the app is for everyone, whether it’s a “skilled professional looking for work, startups looking for advice, parents looking for flexible work, remote workers looking for companionship.”

Accomplish is a powerful tool with a lofty, though extremely worthy goal—to transform anyone into an entrepreneur.

Want to learn more? Meet Jill and receive a free token on Accomplish at our upcoming IVY Summer Solstice Party in Brooklyn! Be on the look out for special activations during this event in celebration of National PRIDE Month.