What do you do and why?

I run a nonprofit called Youth Business Alliance. My passion lies at the intersection of empowering underserved communities, education, and business. There have been so many times in my adult life where I wondered why I didn’t learn certain things in school, so we are bridging that gap.

What change would you like to enact in the world?

Creating a sustainable world. It is more important now than ever to make some serious changes that get us on a sustainable trajectory — the environment, education, politics, and food being some of the key areas.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Last year I traveled to Senegal with my little from Big Brothers Big Sisters. We spent a week in a rural village with no running water or electricity, laying the foundation for a school. It was a challenging, magical, and life-changing experience.

Why did you join IVY?

To make meaningful connections with professionals passionate about social impact. Also to bring in volunteers to speak about their life journey and career with our students!

What has been your most memorable IVY Experience?

We hosted a career day with about 20 IVY Members and 20 YBA students. Students were able to participate in a speed networking opportunity where they got to hear about what the different IVY Members did and ask questions. Everyone had a blast.