What do you do and why?

I raise capital for early/late stage and growth equity companies with disruptive technologies that unlock value and help improve quality of life for everyone. In doing so, I am able to leverage my skill set, interests, professional network, and, at the same time, contribute in a tangible manner to making life better for all of us.

One of my recent endeavors involves a public safety telecommunication networking company that will significantly improve the 911 emergency service available to the public. Their disruptive technology will put an end to any dropped calls or busy signals for anyone trying to reach 911, especially during disasters such as Hurricane Sandy when they need the help most.

What change would you like to enact in the world?

I would like to promote greater use of renewable, clean energy. I am fascinated by new disruptive technologies that convert waste material such as sludge or solid waste into transportation fuel. Whenever I discover a company seeking to implement renewable/clean energy technologies, I give substantially more than due attention.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I am fluent in four languages: French and Spanish in addition to English and Turkish. Next on my list is either Italian or Portuguese. Also, I love baking. Pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookies are my favorites.

Why did you join IVY?

Life in NYC can be hectic. It is not always easy to make plans for cultural activities. IVY takes that burden off my shoulder. In addition, I love meeting new people for both personal and professional reasons. Diversity is what I love most about NYC. I can always use the help of driven people, which is what IVY is all about, to create value for my deals. Industry executives play a significant role in unlocking and creating value for companies I work with.

What has been your most memorable IVY Experience?

I am a relatively new member, but I have enjoyed all the events I have participated in thus far. My favorite was the performing arts show at the Guggenheim, which I thought was fascinating. I was so captivated by the show that I forgot about everything else and enjoyed the performing arts in the exquisite architecture of the Guggenheim Museum. I sure am looking forward to taking part in several others.

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