Disaster & Recovery

On September 19, 1985, a violent earthquake rocked Central Mexico, leading to widespread damage and catastrophic loss of life. In a cruel twist of fate, 32 years later to the day, the Pueblan state was once again dealt a devastating blow.

With a rating 7.1 Mw on the Richter Scale, the 2017 Central Mexico earthquake led to the collapse of over 40 buildings, thousands of injuries, and most tragically, over 350 deaths across the nation.

Today, nearly three months later, many of those affected by the earthquake remain possessionless and without permanent homes. Efforts are under way to restore and rebuild the worst-hit areas, but as is often the case with natural disasters, the road to recovery is long.

Thankfully, with the critical work of charitable organizations like the Elisa Carrillo Cabrera Foundation (ECCF), there’s hope on the horizon. Founded by Mexico’s Prima Ballerina and her husband, fellow Principal Dancer Mikhail Kaniskin, the ECCF is a non-profit civil association that aims to build community and cultivate an appreciation for Mexico’s arts and culture across the globe. And while ballet and other forms of dance are often the focus of the organization, in the wake of this year’s earthquake, Elisa and her team decided to broaden the scope of their impact.

Elisa Carrillo Cabrera in flight

Seeing that progress had already been made toward offering victims food, basic amenities, and temporary shelter, Elisa decided that her foundation could make the biggest impact by rebuilding homes for the many Mexicans left without a permanent shelter. The ECCF mobilized itself quickly, discerning a way to provide building materials and modular plans for people to rebuild their homes immediately.

Here, an earthquake victim receives a voucher from the ECCF to secure housing materials.

In Elisa’s own words, the most “sustainable solution…to get the community back on their feet is to help with housing.” Accordingly, her organization has “been in touch with local building supply companies, and have taken a hands-on approach to providing building materials to local inhabitants via vouchers (to minimize misuse of funds), working actively with residents to ensure that their new homes are built efficiently and sustainably.” So far, the foundation has “raised enough for about 20 homes to date, with construction already underway,” but the community has a long way to go.

“The most sustainable solution…to get the community back on their feet is to help with housing.”

With the help of the Elisa Carrillo Cabrera Foundation — 100% of the proceeds go directly to building supply costs as all building labor and administrative time has been donated — this vision can be transformed into a reality.

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IVY x Alpha’a Benefits the Elisa Carillo Cabrera Foundation

In an effort to support the foundation’s critical work, IVY is pleased to partner with contemporary art dealer Alpha’a inc. for an IVY x Alpha’a: Art Opening (12/15). This special evening of art and social impact aids disaster relief efforts by showcasing and selling works from a collective of Latin American artists called Grupo. Their vibrant and eclectic prints are on sale for $450, and a portion of proceeds will go toward supporting the ECCF’s work in rebuilding homes in Mexico. 0.857143rem;"> 

We’re inviting you to join us on December 15 to learn more about the distinctive group of artists over wine and conversation. After kicking things off with a special presentation from the owner of Alpha’a, we’ll hear from IVY’s Arts & Culture Director, Phil Chan, who will shed further light on our community’s engagement with the arts. For the rest of the evening, we’ll enjoy each other’s company and get the chance to take home some incredible pieces to add to our collections.

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About Grupo

Grupo < > creates spaces where different voices, bound together under a broad geopolitical classification, meet to explore questions of identity as artists. Our collective efforts include artist talks, exhibitions, publications, performances, and gatherings. The questions we ask are informed by our nomadic condition and the consciousness of cultural and geographic migration. What brings us together is the need to open a context that while defined as  < >, is undefinable and irreducible. Grupo < > generates dialogue and community, grounded by but not limited to the concerns and needs of artists whose practices are interwoven with Latin America’s history.

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The walls of IVY HQ have been lined with these incredible pieces of art, all of which are on sale for $450.

“Grupo < > generates dialogue and community, grounded by but not limited to the concerns and needs of artists whose practices are interwoven with Latin America’s history.”


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