The “perfect job” is a beast of near mythical proportions, and while it’s no one’s objective to find themselves caught up in the routine of a job, failing to step back and assess one’s personal happiness is all too common. Luckily, Founder, President and Editor in Chief of PopSugar, Lisa Sugar, sat down with us and shed some light on the discernment necessary towards finding the right job.

Do You Want Your Boss’s Job?

If you cannot see yourself growing with your company, it may be time to reevaluate. Lisa Sugar reiterates that you owe it to yourself to find inspiration in the work you’re doing, and if you cannot see yourself in your boss’s position, it could be a key indicator that you’re not in the right place. Recognizing complacency when it strikes and taking a step back to assess your current situation are the first steps towards finding the right job.

Who Are You Surrounding Yourself With?

At the end of the day, you need people around you who are going to inspire you. While it may be tempting to surround yourself with friends, being able to differentiate want from need is crucial in this case. Ask yourself: who brings out the best in me? Who challenges me to be my best self? The answers may vary, but the goal is to surround yourself with those who are hungry to learn and push one another to continually do better.

Ultimately, the search for the perfect job begins with taking a step back and surveying your career from the outside. Asking yourself questions like, “do I feel inspired in my work?” “do I want to work my way up in this company?” and “how are my coworkers impacting me?” are all first steps. Taking Lisa Sugar’s input to heart and being intensely honest with yourself about your current situation are essential in being able to work towards your perfect job.

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