Self-confidence is crucial to success. People with high levels of self-confidence exhibit greater motivation, personal belief, and ability to overcome fears.

Yet with all the curveballs life throws at us, it can be difficult to keep our chins up on a day-to-day basis. Here are five strategies by which to boost your self-confidence and elevate your impact!

1. Practice high-power body language

Your posture and body language have an amazing effect on your sense of power and self-confidence. One simple, physical hack to boost your self-confidence is to pull your shoulders back, opening up your chest and torso. Our bodies immediately associate this type of high-power body language with having more power, and thereby speaking and acting in a more confident way.

It is easy to fall into the trap of spending a whole day hunched over; the demands of working on laptops and over cellphone screens makes it difficult to maintain upright posture. Yet if you can get yourself into the habit of straightening your spine and opening yourself up to the world — perhaps by setting an alarm on your phone to raise your chest, or by asking a coworker or peer to nudge you every time you’re bent over — you will begin to feel better about yourself and your relationship with the world.

2. Master mindfulness

A lot of the feelings that damper our sense of self-confidence come spending too much time caught up in our own thoughts. We can fall into ruts of negative thinking and lose sight of our strengths.

Thankfully, there are strategies by which to break negative cycles of thinking and ultimately increase our self-confidence.

One straightforward technique is to practice mindfulness throughout day. Mindfulness brings you into the present moment, allowing you to reflect on and take control of the worries, anxieties, and concerns that may be pulling you from one minute to the next.

Myk Likhov, a mindfulness connoisseur, recommends practicing mindfulness by first paying attention to your breath:

Focusing on your breath is the fastest way to experience mindfulness. There are numerous breathing techniques, but here’s an easy one, and it’ll take you all of one minute to try: All you do is inhale for a count of three, and exhale for a count of five. That’s it. The key is to exhale longer than you inhale in order to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. Even after 1 minute of this exercise, your natural breathing will slow; your heart rate drop nudges down; and you’ll feel calmer, more mindful.

Cultivating mindfulness with quick breathing techniques like Myk’s will allow you to approach the day with clarity and increased confidence.

3. Dress for success

Your outfit also has an amazing power to build confidence. If you dress nicely, you’ll feel better about yourself and the way you’re engaging with the world.

Dressing for success doesn’t require that you don a tuxedo or evening dress to go about your day. You can wear casual clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. The assurance of a good of some good garments will enable you to tackle your problems and go about your day with your head up.

4. Be friendly and generous

As important as it is to focus on self-care to boost your self-confidence, it’s equally important to radiate kindness and generosity to the world. Being kind to others will elevate your social interactions throughout the day — take the time to mind your Ps and Qs, and you’ll experience a a greater overall sense of well-being and confidence.

5. Stick to a schedule

We’ve all been there: feeling overwhelmed by overcrowded to-do lists. When we don’t complete as many tasks in a day as we hope to, it can be a drain on the confidence we have in our abilities and performance.

A great way to overcome this sense of despondency is to create a daily schedule. This will increase your productivity and motivation, and temper the anxiety of disordered to-do lists.

Gretchen Rubin, author of the blockbuster bestseller, The Happiness Project, provides a testament to scheduling:

One of the most well-known, widely recognized, and very effective strategies [to create habits and increase happiness] is the strategy of scheduling. If something is on the schedule, we’re much more likely to stick with it. If I tell myself that I’m going on a walk at 7:30am, I’m more likely to keep to the plan than if I say to myself, ‘I’m going to walk sometime today.’ I’ve already made the decision so I don’t have to make the decision again. If something is on your calendar, it’s something that should be done.

Put your duties into writing, and you’ll be on the fast track to higher confidence!

If you’re still struggling with your self confidence, it may be worth considering surgery (invasive or non-invasive) such as body sculpting. My friend recently had some surgery done by Johnny Franco and her confidence is higher than ever, so give it a go!