What is the future of national security? This is a question on the minds of many people around the nation, and was the focus of a compelling IVY Ideas Night with renowned political scientist Dr. Richard K. Betts. In an in-depth audience discussion moderated by Natasha Noman, a leading global affairs correspondent at Mic.com, Betts provided an inside view on how America can successfully face our new and evolving security challenges.

The conversation tackled some of the most pressing policy questions facing the U.S. today, including climate change; the effects of globalization on traditional economic structures in the West; cyberattacks, and their impact on the existence of sovereign autonomy; the Syrian Civil War, and the accompanying refugee crisis. Watch the full talk below to learn more on Betts’ view of the future of our national security, and to hear his opinion on how taking a realistic, sober approach to the threats of the world stage is the key to preventing international conflict.

How to Face Our New and Evolving Security Challenges

In order to help prevent international conflict, Betts noted, it is necessary to psychologically prepare ourselves to the reality of the threats that exist today. The U.S. cannot seek to control everything happening around the globe — this is an impractical view of the role of our foreign policy. Betts does not seek to be alarmist, but to emphasize the importance of presenting a realistic outlook of the impact and reach of American foreign policy. By accepting and facing the reality of the world, we allow ourselves to approach these issues with a sober mindset, thereby enabling us to craft realistic, informed foreign policy.

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