Get ready for life-changing lessons from five world-renowned IVY thought leaders! This week, we begin with a lesson on how to lead like a Marine with Jake Wood, former Marine sniper and pioneering CEO and Team Rubicon. We’ll then hear from Mikko Hyppönen, world-renowned computer security expert  and Chief Research Officer of F-Secure, on how to fight back against hackers in our age of digital vulnerability.

Next, we’ll learn a billionaire’s secret to spotting unicorns with Todd Wagner, legendary entrepreneur of Founder of the Charity Network, and then move on to how to leverage your personal brand to turn a profit from Amra and Elma Beganovich, brand ambassadors and founders of Club Fashionista. Finally, we’ll conclude with a thought-provoking lesson on how to lead an ethical life with Michael Schidlowsky, the beloved NYU lecturer. Happy learning!

How to Lead Like a Marine — Jake Wood

Few people are better equipped to lead a discussion on what it means to lead: after returning from tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, Jake Wood co-founded Team Rubicon, one of the most impactful nonprofits of its kind. The team provides humanitarian relief to victims of disasters, from tornadoes and wildfires to the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and the refugee crisis in Greece. As the CEO of Team Rubicon, Jake has seen first hand how the skills from the battlefield transfer directly to the boardroom.

Jake Wood is a former Marine sniper, and the Co-Founder and CEO of Team Rubicon.

How to Fight Hackers — Mikko Hyppönen

Mikko Hyppönen helps to provide security for some of the biggest companies in the world. In his 25 years of cybersecurity experience, the nature of his work has changed — from fighting teenage boys writing viruses for fun in the late 1980s, to foreign nation states with the power to hack backup power generators and hospital beds today. One thing has remained the same, though: to fight hackers, we must conduct concrete threat assessments to understand who we are fighting.

Mikko Hyppönen is a world-renowned computer security expert and the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure.

A Billionaire’s Secret to Spotting Unicorns — Todd Wagner

Todd Wagner bets on the jockey over the horse — which is to say, he relies heavily on his assessment of a company’s leaders, versus the company’s product or concept, when identifying which next billion-dollar business to invest in. The common traits of an entrepreneur Todd looks for? Tenaciousness, a certain level of narcissism, and a “belief that what I’m doing is going to matter.”

Todd Wagner is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the world. He most recently founded The Charity Network.

How to Monetize Your Social Media Following — Amra and Elma Beganovich

The key to turning your personal brand into a business? According to Amra and Elma Beganovich, content is king — in particular, original content that tells a clear, consistent, and authentic version of your story. When you pair that with a deep, analytical knowledge of your, you will be on the fast track to digital success.

Amra and Elma Beganovich are digital influencers and the fashion-forward forces behind the two major blogging brands, Amra & Elma and Club Fashionista.

How to Lead an Ethical Life — Michael Schidlowsky

Imagine you are the conductor of a train that is unable to stop. You see five innocent people tied to the track ahead of you: you have the opportunity to pull a lever to re-route the train onto another track, killing the life of one innocent person bound to the track; or you can do nothing, in which case five people die. What do you do? This case may seem far-fetched, but by contemplating such ethical thought experiments, we practice making virtuous decisions. In doing so, we clarify our values and thus prepare ourselves to make ethical decisions in times of emotional distress.

Michael Schidlowsky is a beloved lecturer at NYU.

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