Get ready for life-changing lessons from five world-renowned IVY thought leaders! This week, we begin with a lesson on how to build high-growth, high-impact ventures with Wayne Chang, legendary tech entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. We’ll then hear how to prevent international conflict from Dr. Richard K. Betts, renowned political scientist and former staff member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Next, the pioneering contemporary artist Michael Chow will teach us how to use art to foster positive social change, particularly in the face of present and evolving environmental threats. We’ll then move on to a  thought-provoking lesson on how to use the tools of philosophy to live a more fulfilled life with Michele Moody-Adams, beloved Columbia University Professor of Political Philosophy and Legal Theory. Finally, we’ll conclude with concrete advice for how we can get engaged in social impact with Josh Lockwood, the Regional CEO of The American Red Cross. Let’s be the change we want to see!

How to Build World-Class Companies — Wayne Chang

Three key abilities that make a great entrepreneur? We asked legendary tech entrepreneur Wayne Chang, who explains leaders of highly successful companies 1) know when to kill a project; 2) know how to choose between cost, speed, and quality (as only two can be maintained at a given time), and are conscious of what they’re giving up; and 3) create products that have psychology built into them — products that take into account the vast range of emotions humans experience. “I tell my team every week: we don’t engineer solutions, we engineer emotions,” Wayne explains.

Wayne Chang is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, an avid angel investor, and a philanthropist. 

How to Prevent International Conflict — Dr. Richard K. Betts

In order to help prevent international conflict, it is necessary to truly consider the reality of looming threats like global warming, nuclear war, or the dissolution of NATO. Dr. Richard K. Betts, a former staff member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, advises that we broach these issues not to be alarmist, but rather to ground ourselves in the reality of their existence. In doing so, we enable ourselves to tackle them in a levelheaded manner, and initiate the process of crafting thoughtful, informed solutions to the issues at hand.

Dr. Richard K. Betts is a renowned political scientist, award-winning author, and former staff member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the National Security Council.

How to Use Art to Foster Positive Social Change — Michael Chow

In a world divided by fear and misunderstanding, art has the unique power to bring people together around commonly shared emotions, views, and experiences. The artwork of painter and restaurateur Michael Chow, for instance, reflects on the balance of nature. His pieces thereby succeed in generating conversation around the vulnerability of our natural world, and incite action in the effort to protect planet Earth.

Michael Chow is an artist, global cultural icon, and restaurateur, who returned to a passion for painting after a nearly 50-year hiatus in the restaurant industry.

How to Use the Tools of Philosophy to Live a More Fulfilled Life — Michele Moody-Adams

Philosophy is incredibly effective at fostering the introspection necessary to identify personal values and to lead an informed, ethical life. Michele Moody-Adams encourages us to use the various tools of philosophical thinking — such as the ability to scrutinize biases, develop listening skills, and think about morality in different contexts — to investigate the things we take for granted, and open our eyes to our true principles.

Michele Moody-Adams is a Columbia University Professor of Political Philosophy and Legal Theory, and the former Dean of Columbia College and Vice President for Undergraduate Education at Columbia University.

Get Engaged in Social Impact — Josh Lockwood

With a workforce made up of 90% volunteers, The American Red Cross is always eager for new members to join in their mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies. Josh Lockwood, the Regional CEO of The American Red Cross Greater New York Region, outlines three unique ways to become involved: 1) sign up as disaster volunteer; 2) get involved as communicator, helping to foster preparedness by helping to develop disaster-aid technology and by speaking to people on the street; and 3) get the training — learn CPR, first aid, or how to save a drowning victim so you can offer aid anywhere, anytime.

Josh Lockwood is the Regional CEO of American Red Cross Greater New York Region, which serves more than 13 million people in the Greater New York City Area (including the NYC, Long Island, and Metro New York chapters).

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