The holidays are right around the corner, which means many of us are starting to scramble to find a last-minute gift for our loved ones. With so many wonderful options to choose from, how is one to find the perfect gift? There are so many gifts that you could buy for people. For example, if your friend is a gamer you could easily get them an Unranked Smurfsaccount and that’s not all you could get for people, there are loads of options. You might be thinking, but my friend isn’t a gamer, well don’t worry there is always something for someone. You could take a look at these Custom embroidered t shirts, but that’s not all. Keep on reading to get some more gift ideas.

IVY is here to help you with the second installment in our two-part series of curated holiday gifts. This is an incredible selection of gifts created by IVY members, for IVY members, with unbeatable discounts on everything from solar-powered backpacks to the next great American novel. Check out Part 1 of the IVY Holiday Gift Guide 2016 for further inspiration, and read below to support our IVY community members and enter into our very own twist on Santa’s workshop.


The Story

Back to Basics is committed to helping people take back their health by removing toxic, health-damaging products from their lives. Wellness expert, homeopath, and founder, Ashleigh Frager, has helped countless clients go from sick to healthy by swapping out dangerous products for healthy alternatives. Now, she is spreading the knowledge and giving others the opportunity to improve their health in the same way by delivering toxin-free products and health tips monthly with the Back to Basics subscription box plan.

The Gift

The Eco Chic Chica subscription box is a fun, luxe, and good-for-you gift for the health-conscious ladies in your life. Gift one box — or more! – and we’ll send her a perfect package filled with premium, full-size, toxin-free home and body products that she’ll be sure to love. Each product in the box comes with info on why the new product is so wonderful and health-friendly as well as tips to kick her health makeover into high gear! All products are expertly curated, researched, and tested to fit into the health makeover plan. Boxes ship monthly and you can gift the box for one month all the way up to one year. Give the gift of health this holiday season!

Perfect for: The aspiring health-nut.

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The Story

Kuvée is a first-of-its-kind wine system that gives you the freedom to enjoy the glass of wine you truly want, whenever you want it — without wasting a drop. Kuvée Founder and CEO, Vijay Manwani, has a passion for wine and particularly the social experience of wine. His desire to share his passion for wine inspired him in 2012 to search for a solution to the issue of having to finish or waste a bottle of wine once it’s been opened.

The Gift

The new, innovative system includes the Kuvée connected dispenser and four wines. The Kuvée portfolio is comprised of an expertly- curated collection of wines – from some well-known wine-makers and some up and coming – which are stored in airtight bottles that preserve the wines’ taste. Once the bottles are inserted into the dispenser, the wine can be poured out and enjoyed.  Easily remove a bottle from the dispenser and insert a new one to pour a different wine, without the worry of spoilage from opening a different bottle.  Kuvée wines stay fresh for 30 days so you can have several bottles open at once.  In addition, you can learn about the wine, rate them, and order more directly from the connected Kuvée dispenser. The more you sip, the smarter you (and Kuvée) become.

Perfect for: Any wine lover – from the couple who can’t agree on their favorite wine and singles who aren’t going to finish a bottle within 2 days, to the everyday entertainer whose guests have different tastes, the curious wine taster who wants to expand their palate, and more!

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The Story

Monil Kothari opened Antandre Co. as a direct-to-consumer, women-first fine jewelry brand. Antandre prides itself on creating beautiful, unique luxury products for women, without the traditional retail markup of seven to eight times the price. In order to serve their customers even better, they offer a unique home try on service that allows you to try on our products before buying them. Best of all, they donate 5% of our sales to the Diamond Development Initiative to help them empower artisanal diamond miners to become self sufficient. Together Antandre and you can have a net-positive impact on society.

The Gift

Add some shine to any evening outfit with white-diamond studded Aegis Double Triangle Diamond Ring. Featuring concentric diamond shapes brought together for a single collaborative design, this piece tells its own story of elegance and precision through geometric weaves of diamond studded gold. This is an Antandre Signature piece. Made with 14kt yellow gold and studded with .20 carats of white diamonds.

Perfect for: Fashionistas

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The Story

Incorporating the latest in technology, advanced materials, and fashion, Aspire Eyewear is a colorfully captivating, aspirational collection for today’s men and women. The entire Aspire collection was designed using 3D technology and is constantly evolving to respond to today’s trends.

The Gift

The Aspire Sunwear Collection includes six sleek, on-trend styles. They are created with SDN-4, an incredibly thin, lightweight and hypoallergenic material that offers comfort, wearability and adjustability.

Perfect for: Cutting edge-technology enthusiasts; active, sports-minded individuals; and design-driven leaders.

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The Story

BirkSun creates solar-powered backpacks that allow you to charge your portable devices anytime, anywhere with just the power of the sun. Their goal is to design and build products you will love and make them proud while encouraging others to get outside and charge their passion.

The Gift

The Mythos Black Edition has a fine-tuned, waterproof exterior that makes a statement. Hand-crafted with a custom, built-in lithium battery and a sleek, jet black solar panel. The enhanced digital power management system has a 4-light LED indicator display making it easier than ever to create power from the sun and charge your smartphone. Pack it, wear it, charge it, and make it your own.

Perfect for: People who love adventures, the tech savvy crowd, students, travel enthusiasts (wanderlust seekers), festival goers, beach lovers, and everything in between.

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The Story

Boro is the ancient Japanese tradition of creating patchwork garments, and is the inspiration for this unique fabric, woven in Osaka. Founded Fabio Bari, Bridge & Boro is a family brand supported by over 50 years of experience in the fashion industry. They focus on choosing the best fabrics, incorporating subtle details, and producing their entire collection in NYC’s garment district.

The Gift

Our perfectly tailored fit button down shirt (the BORO DENIM SHIRT) is featured in a unique ‘boro’-inspired Japanese cotton and features distressed bone buttons that were made in Italy. Other details include our signature red stitch inside the wrist opening, hand made in New York City.

Perfect for: The fashionista who has everything in her closet and wants a unique piece no one else has. Dressed up with black pants, or casual with ripped jeans and a leather jacket this shirt will set you apart.

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The Story

Nima Veiseh and Dress Abstract sell more than just clothing — they sell art. Through their innovative process, they create wearable lines to have the same timeless appeal as a museum painting. Each piece of clothing is inspected, tracked, and signed, like any limited edition piece of art — making for a perfect collectable item. Mindfully Created in USA by partnering with those who sustainably support refugees and displaced peoples everywhere.

The Gift

Gentleman’s Set is their signature. They translate art from canvas to clothing, and hand-sign each piece, making for the perfect collectible items. Items sold separately as well.

Perfect for: A great choice for men: partner, boyfriend, relative, college and university professors, entertainers and media personalities, lawyers, writers, authors, sports men, artists.

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The Story

DSTLD (‘distilled’) is an LA-based e-commerce brand founded by Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn, designed with the creative class in mind. Through its direct-to-consumer approach to contemporary fashion, DSTLD crafts premium denim and luxury closet essentials at ? traditional retail price. The brand’s name is derived from the word “distilled,” meaning to extract only the essentials.

The Gift

The all-seasons, essential Women’s Leather Moto Jacket: it’s the embodiment of It-girl luxe. To ensure their take on the iconic staple would outshine all rivals, they painstakingly planned and thoughtfully considered every detail, in style as much as function. Formed from 100% supremely supple leather and finished with top-of-the-line hardware and design features, the essential Moto Jacket is first class from start to finish. The bodice’s cropped length, angled lines, and figure-flattering paneling give the jacket a structured yet feminine silhouette, while features like polished silver hardware, adjustable buckles at the waist, reinforced leather patches at each elbow, and an asymmetrical front zipper lend both smart function and a touch of edge. Fully lined, it’s a year-round adaptable statement piece – one that looks as inspired worn with boots and jeans as it does draped over a cocktail dress.

Perfect for: The stylish, understated woman.

The Deal: IVY10


The Story

HERO NEW YORK is a backpack line that carries courage, and a global cause. They design to inspire the next generation of leaders, while contributing 10% of profit to solving the sustainable development goals. Alissa Lentz‘s HERO journey started in childhood: as a Russian immigrant, she grew up bullied. Revisiting this experience in a social entrepreneurship class, she wrote a plan for a backpack line that stands up for equality and acceptance, while working to solve global inequality issues.

The Gift

Their Desert Palm print, navy-over-tan. 10% of proceeds support The Nylon Project, which provides aid to the homeless population in New York City. Available in large (fits a 15″ laptop), and small (fits an iPad), and a pencil case. All backpacks have reflective details for nighttime visibility.

Perfect for: Anyone who needs to carry their stuff! Great gift for nieces/nephews, college students, or frequent travelers. With reflective details, the backpacks are great for bikers.

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The Story

IfOnly believe experiences make the best gifts. They believe that life is not about buying things, it’s about the experiences we remember and share. IfOnly is a marketplace for experiences. From unique everyday offerings with local experts to once-in-a-lifetime connections with lauded luminaries, IfOnly provides access to a curated selection of extraordinary experiences that benefit worthy causes around the world. Celia Peachey drives the Partnerships & Business Development team at IfOnly, working on collaborating with large and small partners to supply experiences to their network and clients.

The Gift

Caviar 101 led by the Caviar Co. — the beginner’s guide to becoming a Caviar Connoisseur. Learn the process, tradition, and trends from the caviar experts at The Caviar Company.

Perfect for: The adventurous foodie and the person who has everything.

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The Story

Catherine Lowell is a fiction writer by night and by day she has the great privilege of running IVY’s educational content! She has always been inspired by the Brontës — particularly their persistence and courage in the face of incredible odds. Writing as a woman in the 19th century was a notoriously risky business, and each Brontë sister proved that if you stay true to yourself, and stand up for what you believe in, you can achieve great things regardless of circumstance.

The Gift

The Madwoman Upstairs is a novel following the last remaining descendant of the Brontë family, who must uncover an old family mystery using only the clues hidden within the Brontë’s own novels. Great for Brontë fans, English majors, book clubs, and people who need wintery fireplace reading!

Perfect for: Avid-reader, adventure seeker.

The Deal: N/A


The Story

Makker is a Boston-based clothing brand that sells, founded by Wilfred Hirst, that sells handmade accessories and function fashion for men. The name “Makker” means buddy/friend in Danish and is the overarching theme around the brand’s personality: reliable, honest, and fun! The brand is just one year old and has been featured on local and national fashion blogs/publications.

The Gift

The Makker Henley – Midnight Black shirt was designed for the active guy who’s always on the GO! It’s wrinkle-free, form-fitted, tag-less, and made of a “4 way semi-stretch” material.

Perfect for: The active guy who cares more about the look rather than the label and loves buying local.

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The Story

Every manager makes tough calls — it comes with the job. And the hardest decisions are the “gray areas” — situations where you and your team have worked hard to find an answer, you’ve done the best analysis you can, and you still don’t know what to do. But you have to make a decision. You have to choose, commit, act, and live with the consequences and persuade others to follow your lead. Gray areas test your skills as a manager, your judgment, and even your humanity. How do you get these decisions right?

The Gift

In Managing in the Gray: Five Timeless Questions for Resolving Your Toughest Problems at Work, Joseph Badaracco offers a powerful, practical, and even radical way to resolve these problems. Picking up where conventional tools of analysis leave off, this book provides tools for judgment in the form of five revealing questions. Asking yourself these five questions provides a simple yet profound way to broaden your thinking, sharpen your judgment, and develop a fresh perspective. What makes these questions so valuable is that they have truly stood the test of time—they’ve guided countless men and women, across many centuries and cultures, to resolve the hardest questions of work, responsibility, and life.

Perfect for: Entrepreneurs and rising leaders.

The Deal: N/A


The Story

John Tarantino New York-based brand Martenero designs mechanical watches. All of their watches have clean, modern designs that stand apart through subtle details and original colorways. The brand is all about creating original pieces that are never flashy but still manage to stand out through design and execution.

The Gift

A nautical-themed watch inspired by the marine chronometer. The Edgemere’s bold colorways give it a fun, dynamic look that captures the spirit of the sea.

Perfect for: The emerging watch aficionado.

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The Story

Rob Gregg is excited to announce the launch of his Luxury Performance shoe line, Rob McAllan. The first ever high-end Italian design to feel as comfortable as a sneaker in a dress shoe that performs as well as the man who wears them. As a GQ Insider and well-traveled businessman, style and comfort are not options, they are necessity — so Rob built the new golden standard of luxury men’s shoes.

The Gift

Military-inspired woven fibres with durable SWAT jacket aesthetics, .22 bullet casing eyelets and topography map soles. The SWAT is the perfect replacement for a classic black shoe with a subtle edge.

Perfect for: The HENRY (High Earner Not Rich Yet), The YUMMY (Young Urban Male), The Trendy (fashion-forward male), and the CEO. The man who steps into a Rob McAllan shoe isn’t wearing a shoe — he’s wearing a symbol from a time when men fought for what they believed in. A Rob McAllan man is unafraid to take that extra step when it counts.

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The Story

Melissa Lew jewelry is a modern, stylish line of artisan eco-friendly jewelry inspired by the beauty of the world around us. It’s more than just a jewelry line – founded by Melissa Lew Bradford, these meaningful pieces encourage inspired living. They celebrate our individuality, our connections, and our experiences.

The Gift

The eco-friendly Double Happiness bamboo and stainless steel pendant features the Chinese calligraphy for double happiness and a wave motif. It is inspired by the beauty of the bamboo plant and Chinese brush painting.

Perfect for: Perfect gift for the eco-chic friend. These bamboo and stainless steel necklaces are handcrafted in the USA from eco-friendly and vegan materials.

The Deal: IVY16 (20% off + free shipping)


The Story

The Global Creator is a travel lifestyle brand and online boutique, founded by Amy Hayes, that collects designer- and artisan-made goods from different destinations so that people can shop locally, globally, and support small businesses around the world while infusing a sense of story and place into their own home and personal style. The first collection, “Ready for Departure,” has things a stylish traveler needs to head out on the road, including the Aislin Leather Backpack.

The Gift

Whether you dream of far away adventures or closer to home staycations, this soft leather backpack helps you journey hands free, in style. The Aislin Leather Backpack‘s finely-crafted, artisan details include golden buckles and studs, adjustable straps, and a zippered opening under the exterior fold, freeing you from worries about your belongings as you explore. Made in Italy with 100% premium leather, measuring 12.9″ H x 11.8″ W x 4.7″ D. Available in Black or Cognac.

Perfect for: Travel addicts, design enthusiasts, and fashionable shoppers looking for a timeless piece.

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The Story

Geoffrey McFarlane is the COO at Winc (formerly Club W), a direct-distribution wine company. As a digitally native company, Winc makes exceptional, accessibly priced wines from around the world and sells them directly to consumers and to select restaurants and retailers. Learn more at to shop the wine selection and become a member.

The Gift

Looking for a gift for your holiday host? You’ve found it! We paired the 2011 Porter & Plot® Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley) alongside the 2014 Porter & Plot® Pinot Noir (Sonoma Coast) — both sophisticated, small-lot wines that demonstrate the excellence and potential of California reds. In addition to being captivated by the wines themselves, your recipient will certainly appreciate the opportunity to sample the best of what California has to offer.

Perfect for: Your holiday host.

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