Bradley Theodore creates works that fuse pop culture, street art, fashion, music, and technology. He has worked on murals in the streets of New York, Hong Kong, and Japan and was the official artist of the 2016 U.S. Open. In an exclusive interview with IVY Magazine, Bradley shared his insights on the modern art world, explaining how a diverse array of influences — from the turquoise waters of his home island in Turks and Caicos, to his recent volunteer work teaching kids to spray paint and critique art in a refugee camp in Greece — have shaped his journey to becoming the artist he is today.

IVY had the pleasure of partnering with Bradley for a celebratory cocktail party at Art Basel Miami Beach, featuring a limited edition print series available exclusively to IVY members. Hear more from the dynamic contemporary artist in our interview below!

“I was born in Turks and Caicos,” Bradley explains, “a tropical island, which has beautiful, pristine, turquoise water. Beautiful shades. Beautiful natural flowers that have these bright, vivid colors. So it’s always been a part of my culture to have colors…. It’s always been a part of me. And as a painter, sometimes you dig into your subconscious and you paint things that are reflective of you, without actually knowing that you’re doing it. I use a lot of turquoise in my paintings. A lot of hot pinks, beautiful teals, blues, and try to make them sink together. Just like if you’re on a tropical island the colors ares so strong, and so different, but they sink together correctly. I’m trying to achieve that perfect mesh of color.”

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