This week, our globally renowned IVY Thought Leaders ask the big questions: What is the meaning of life? What is the role of the United States in empowering developing nations? Will crowd surfing at a concert change my life? Read and watch below for the answers!

How to Bring Solutions to Your Boss — Mindy Mackenzie

Mindy has a simple question that will transform your relationship with your boss: “What is your single greatest priority?” This question exhibits a willingness to commit yourself to bringing concrete solutions to your employer. Though you may never succeed in changing your boss’s micromanaging tendencies, you can succeed in restructuring the value you bring to the table and hop on the fast track to advancement.

Mindy Mackenzie is a best-selling author and renowned CEO coach. As the Chief Performance Officer of Beam, she helped steer the company toward its $16 billion sale in 2014.

Redefine the Purpose of Your Investments — Charly Kleissner

Can saving the world make you a millionaire? Charly Kleissner believes so, and he’s got the proof to back it up. As a pioneer in impact investing, Charly has been vital in helping rising entrepreneurs and leaders elevate their social impact while generating financial returns.

Charly Kleissner co-founded Toniic and the 100% Impact Network, global networks for impact investing.

Be Open to the Transcendent — William Vendley

Since the dawn of our species, we have wrestled with a profound mystery: the meaning of our existence. William refers to this great mystery as the “Transcendent.” The beauty of humanity lies in the wide-ranging and diverse interpretations the Transcendent — a diversity that enriches our lives and outlooks on life. Now, in the face of widespread prejudice and xenophobia, the challenge of our times is to respect the plurality of citizens and views about the meaning of existence. If we are close-minded and refuse to hear the others’ opinions, we limit the wisdom of our societies and do damage to ourselves.

William Vendley is the Secretary General of Religions for Peace International.

What’s the Best that Could Happen? — Michelle Poler

Next time you’re feeling anxious or intimidated by a challenging situation, whether it be a tricky decision about your company’s future or a difficult conversation with a loved one, ask yourself the following question: What’s the best that could happen? Now write down those five best outcomes, and focus on them as you come face to face with your challenge. By focusing on the potential reward of a given situation, you trigger yourself to see the opportunity that lies behind every challenge. Go out and conquer your fears!

Michelle Poler is the Creator of Hello Fears.

Foreign Aid Is in Our Best Interest — Steven Radelet

We typically mistake our foreign aid as an altruistic cost with no direct benefit to us, but Dr. Radelet argues that’s not the case. Helping others is in our best interest. For instance, the security of the U.S. benefits by strengthening the public health systems of developing countries. We can’t stop the Zika virus if we don’t empower developing nations in the fight against diseases.

Steven Radelet is the Director of the Global Human Development Program at Georgetown University.

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