Welcome to the first installment in our series of weekly lessons with globally renowned IVY Thought Leaders focused on entrepreneurship, art, policy, social impact, and wellness!

Philanthropy Will Become You — Nicolas Berggruen

Philanthropy doesn’t just mean generous donations of money to good causes — it represents an attitude and a perspective on life that are focused on sharing and dedication to others. We can all practice philanthropy in our actions and words, Berggruen says, and will be surprised by how interesting and valuable this approach proves to be.

Nicolas Berggruen is a billionaire philanthropist who created the annual $1MM Berggruen Award for living philosophers whose ideas can change the world.

Is Your Problem Real? — Sam Yagan

All entrepreneurs will benefit from focusing on their customers — specifically, by focusing on a problem that customers have, and building a product to solve that problem. Find yourself a problem, Sam says, and then you can build a product that customers truly love.

Sam Yagan is the founder of SparkNotes & OKCupid, and the current CEO of ShopRunner.

Your Body Can Influence Your Mind — Amy Cuddy

The science is clear: our bodies have the immense power to influence our minds, thoughts, and overall morale. Amy explains how simple yoga interventions on people suffering from PTSD can have more profound effects than any cognitive therapy. Thinking about recovery is hard — but having your body tell you you’re feeling better is much easier.

Amy Cuddy is a world-renowned Harvard Business School professor whose talk on TED is the third most watched globally.

Have a Conflict? Show You’re Human — Cameron Munter

If people get to know you in person — even if you have disagreed in the past or share vastly differing opinions — there is a tendency for both sides to listen better, to have more sympathy for each other. When you are separate from people, Cameron explains, there is a tendency to dehumanize and mistrust develops. We’ll all benefit from showing that we are human to each other.

Cameron Munter was the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan during the raid on Osama Bin Laden, and is the current CEO of the EastWest Institute.

Art Reveals Who We Are — Sundaram Tagore

Art brings us together, placing the artist in a special role in society. From that perspective, we can look at artists as shamans, psychiatrists, and priests. By focusing their energies on decoding societal anxieties, artists reveal many truths to us. This is the beauty and importance of art.

Sundaram Tagore is a world-renowned gallery owner with leading galleries in New York, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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