With the holiday season fast approaching (and the stampedes of Black Friday already upon us!), millions of people are on the hunt for perfect gifts to share with their loved ones. Finding the right present for your best friend, family member, or significant other can be difficult. Each gift should tell a story, and embody the love and care you have for one another.

So instead of spending hours shopping online or risking your life in the frenzy of Black Friday sales, check out our first annual IVY Holiday Gift Guide 2016. We’ve curated an inspiring list of gifts created by IVY members, for IVY members. With incredible discounts on everything from hand-painted active wear to charred honeycomb barrel staves to flavor your cocktails — we’ve got you covered!

This is the first of a two-part series of curated holiday gifts, so stay tuned for more deals on the horizon. Support our IVY community members and enter into our very own twist on Santa’s workshop:

rainglass luxury silk scarf

The Story: Cortney Rhodes opened a studio at her family’s farm in New York to hone her artistic talents by creating wearable art for women. Each silk scarf is stretched on a frame, handmade by her late grandfather, and suspended at waist-height, awaiting new landscapes to be painted upon them. Most of Cortney’s prints are inspired by both the wildflowers surrounding her family’s farm and the unique landscapes seen in her travels, from Europe to the Middle East.

The Gift: The Rainglass scarf is inspired by a landscape blurred through a window drenched in rain, suddenly becoming even more beautiful for its indefinite. Rainglass is for the lovers of the abstract and ethereal.

Perfect for: Mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, aunt, grandma, fashionista — everyone will love it and be able to add their own special twist!

The Deal: IVYMEMBER (30% off)

serenflipity book by cara thomas

The Story: Cara Thomas spent over 10 years inventing award-winning products for Fortune 100 companies. She found that adventure and playfulness led to breakthroughs. In an attempt to personally cultivate those traits, she started Serenflipity as an experiment — and it ended up changing her life.

The Gift: Serenflipity is a set of 30 cards that will help get you out of your comfort zone and infuse adventure into your everyday life.

Perfect for: Family, friends, and adventure seekers.

kezi chrysto heart with olivia james

The Story: KEZI jewelry is handmade by Olivia James in her studio located in Somerville, MA. With an eye for shapes and colors, she creates one-of-a-kind designs using sterling silver wire and semi-precious gems. KEZI jewelry gives women a voice of self-expression, and is a gift guaranteed to inspire!

The Gift: Chryso Heart – Show your loved one they mean the world to you with this beautifully marbled chrysocolla gem necklace. Sterling silver frames the beautiful colors of the earth in each hand-picked chrysocolla heart. This design is custom made for every order, and each stone is totally unique like the one you love.

Perfect for: Someone you love!

The Deal: IVY16 (10% off)

silver necklace

The Story: Kimberly Lam has been creating unique crystallized items for over 15 years, including custom bedazzled celebrity gifts for the likes of CeeLo Green. The proceeds from this limited collection of hand-crafted rhinestone bullet necklaces will help fund a highly-trained PTSD service dog for a veteran in need, through Heroes in Transition.

The Gift: Silver Bullet Necklace

Perfect For: Trendy young adults, moms, sisters, girlfriends, and friends.

eone watch for telling time

The Story: Tim Fleschner and his team built Eone on the core conviction that design should be inclusive, bringing people in rather than shutting them out. With family, friends, and loved ones who are blind, they’re familiar with a common, yet profound problem when it comes to watches: blind people have been forced to choose between unstylish, imprecise tactile watches, or intrusive talking watches that let everyone know when you’re checking the time. They tackled this issue with their signature product, the Bradley timepiece: a sleek, modern watch you can both touch and see to tell time.

The Gift: The Bradley timepiece features raised hour markers that allow you to feel the time by touch, with a triangular marker for twelve; elongated line segments for three, six, and nine; and shorter line segments for the other markers. Two magnetized ball bearings travel around the watch face in separate, recessed tracks, with one track revolving around the watch face’s surface for the minute, and one track around the outside edge of the watch face for the hour

Perfect For: Watch lovers and techies.

The Deal: IVY15 (15% off)

intercidade necklace

The Story: Founded in 2013, InterCidade was inspired after Mariana Arellano fell in love with a robust, international fashion community of tomorrow’s premier brands. InterCidade means between two cities: in Portuguese, ‘inter” means between, and “cidade” means cities. The vision and intellect in finding these brands is to exude quality, style, and novelty.

The Gift: Geography541 was a collaboration made for InterCidade. The shape of the pendant is an abstract form that embraces Intercidade’s concept, fusing the richness of dynamic new brands from the USA, Brazil, and Europe. Wear it with any v-neck or basic-colored blouse to work or for a casual day. The pendant is 1.5 by 1.5 inches and the chain is 16in. The necklace is made in LA with quality brass.

Perfect for: For women who like to wear abstract and geometric jewelry pieces, and want to embellish their outfits with small, yet bold and feminine, pieces.

The Deal: IVYGIFT (15% off)

augustina red bag

The Story: Italian luxury leather goods are distributed by big brands at high prices — but you’re not always paying for quality. You’re paying for their retail store costs, middleman fees, aggressive marketing, and crazy markups. Matteo started Armadio to offer the best Italian independent leather brands at the same quality and 1/10th of the price of the big fashion houses.

The Gift: Augustina means “small Augusta” in Italian. The Augustina Red is crafted from thick Tuscan calfskin leather, making it structured and highly resistant. This leather is the result of a process that splits the original layer in different parts, in order to select only the thicker and more resistant layer.

Perfect For: Urban stylish woman going to work and later to an event with no need to change her bag. Perfect to carry and high heels together with all personal belongings.

The Deal: IVY2016 ($50 off)

skin survival kit by purlisse

The Story: Pur~lisse is beauty through Asian Wisdom with modern philosophy.  The brand was created by former actress Jennifer Yen, who suffered an allergic reaction while playing a villainess on Power Rangers and fell ill with rosacea, psoriasis, and hives. The products of Pur~lisse harness the extraordinary powers of Asian botanicals into high-performing, multi-tasking, nourishing, and effective formulas that leaves your skin luminous and beautiful. All products are safe for sensitive skin.

The Gift: The Skin Survival Kit includes six skincare essentials that are gentle, nourishing, and effective. From cleansing to hydrating, this kit promises to leave your skin looking gorgeous and glowing.

Perfect For: People who believe in giving back, and in beauty products. For lovers, moms, aunts, sisters, girlfriend, and jet-setters (all the products are travel friendly!).

The Deal: IVY30 (30% off)

aged pair of charred honeycomb white oak barrel staves

The Story: Bespoke Post creates themed boxes for guys who give a damn. Each month, we put together thoughtful collections of goods from small-batch brands, and deliver it to your doorstep. Barrow serves as the Director of Business Develop, Partnership & Strategy for Bespoke Post.

The Gift: AGED – Straight from the craftsmen at Black Swan Cooperage, this pair of charred honeycomb white oak barrel staves makes every flavor in your cocktail just a little smoother. Simply place one of your staves into the 375ml vessel along with the pour of your choice, wait 8–10 days, and let the magic happen. Each stave can be used 4–6 times, with each subsequent use giving you a softer and subtler finish than the last.

Perfect For: Millennial guys.

The Deal: IVY (20% off)

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