“It’s hard being a creative,” says IVY member and Pelonkey Founder, Nicole Gallub. As a DJ herself, she’s seen all the ways the entertainment industry fails — it’s impossible for most performers to be artists, while figuring out how to sell themselves, manage schedules, and promote and contract. Most booking agencies aren’t any help either. Too often, they take advantage of under-informed performers.

With social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube, there’s never been a more direct way for performers to get traction. If they’re really good — and rather lucky — they rack up a huge following. But even then, the business side of the entertainment industry is challenging.

Nicole’s new project Pelonkey allows entertainers to do all the business on their own—totally transparently—through an easy-to-use online dashboard. She’s taken all of the headaches she’s experienced as a performer and solved them. Nicole sat down with IVY Magazine to talk about Pelonkey and how it’s helping to revolutionize the entertainment industry. (Oh, and if you’re looking for a great band for your next 80s party, she’s got that too!) Be sure to check out their website to see all of their incredible offerings. 

Nicole is an IVY member (DC). Connect and collaborate with her here.Pelonkey

What’s been the process for taking your dream and making Pelonkey into a reality?

RISK.  You have to be a risk taker to live your dreams, that’s it. Some people can’t live with risk, and I love each and everyone one of those people. We need them. They help us crazy risk-takers make our dreams reality by BEING the backbone of our instability. 

I have a history of taking a leap from stability into the great unknown. As soon as the unknown becomes stable for me, I take the leap again. It’s just how entrepreneurs’ minds work.

Why do you it’s important for Pelonkey to disrupt the entertainment industry?

There is currently no stability in the entertainment industry. Entertainers and event-planners are taken advantage of daily because the whole process is completely opaque— there’s no hierarchy of talent, no pay grades, no union. The lack of structure leaves both sides vulnerable and at the mercy of the business minds who often take advantage.

How do you think social media and Youtube are changing the ways bands and artists become famous? Or even get bookings?

Internet and social media are helping talented individuals get noticed easier.  There’s no longer the need for long queues and in-person talent contests. If there is a creative person who is a jaw-dropping performer, he or she can become famous instantly through viral media.

Are there any downsides that we don’t think about?

Yes, just because someone is noticed only, the issue of booking still prevails. The artist will have no idea how to contract themselves out, or figure out how much they need to earn—so they go to booking agencies, who unfortunately take advantage of this situation.

Tell us about some of your favorite music?

I love EDM!  It’s a broad spectrum, I know, but I really love it all….all genres of it. I’ve always been a computer geek, and there’s nothing better than listening to the blips and bloops of computer sounds coming together to form a beautiful piece of art—a song!

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

CHROMEO!  Not just because Dave Macklovitch is like my dream husband [laughs], but also because their music is SO HAPPY. I’ve gone to so many of their concerts, and everyone around is in the best mood ever because the music makes them that way. Not to mention, their performance is FLAWLESS.

Say I’m having an 80s prom-themed party. Does Pelonkey have a band for me? Can we see a video?

Yes! Depending on your budget—these guys aren’t cheap—I personally Dj’d alongside “The Spazmatics” in Cancun for a corporate event. They are AMAZING and would totally rock an 80s prom. Check out their website.

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