From an IVY Ideas Night with Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot to two IVY on Ice experiences, IVY held some incredible events across the country in the past two weeks. We’re all about bringing people together for new and engaging ideas and adventures, whether it’s a panel on Art in the Twenty-First Century or an Ideas Night on the habits of health with CBS Correspondent Holly Phillips.

IVY Entrepreneur Night with Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot @ 1871

“Challenges are way more fun than things that are nice and easy.” – said Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot at our IVY Entrepreneur Night in Chicago at 1871. Chicago’s resident culinary powerhouse, Chef Elliot’s innovations in food have earned him three James Beard nominations, two coveted Michelin Stars at his namesake restaurant, and scores of devoted fans. A former high school dropout, Graham started in the food industry at age eighteen, and now has been featured on MasterChef along with Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich.




IVY on ICE @ Washington Harbor

IVY members hit the ice at Washington Harbor Ice Rink, D.C.’s largest outdoor skating venue! After skating, we enjoyed festive beer and wine from an open bar.




IVY Ideas Night: Habits of Health Featuring CBS Correspondent Holly Phillips

In 2016, we decided it’s time to beat fatigue for good. CBS News Correspondent Dr. Holly Phillips was exhausted just like us—then she changed her life! IVY members joined Dr. Philipps last night for an engaging IVY Ideas Night and unmasked the reasons we’re tired. Before and after the discussion, members enjoyed a cocktail reception and book signing with Holly.




IVY Ideas Night Art in the 21st Century

How is the 21st century is changing the way we think about the visual and performing arts? IVY members joined Rachel Moore, the President and CEO of the Los Angeles Music Center, for an exclusive arts panel featuring panelists Diane Bergman, VP of Marketing and Communications at the LA Opera; Jean Davidson, President & CEO of the LA Master Chorale; James Fayette, Managing Director of the LA Dance Project; and Felicia Filer, Director of Public Art for the LA Dept. of Cultural Affairs. Before and after the panel, we enjoyed a cocktail reception with a great group of fellow members.




IVY Ideas Night Featuring Harvard Professor Edward Hall

We explored one of the most staggering theories of the universe—quantum physics—with Harvard Philosophy Department Chair Edward Hall. In his characteristically engaging and humorous style, Professor Hall led us through one of the most important developments of the 20th century and why it matters for all of us.



IVY on ICE @ Kendall Square Rink

IVY members in Boston bundled up and glided on ice at Kendall Square Rink! After our skating, we enjoyed festive beer and wine.




The Secrets of Great Leadership featuring Adam Galinsky

Renowned business school professor Adam Galinsky joined us to unravel the Secrets of Great Leadership. We learned to navigate two opposing forces in business—the desire to collaborate, and the desire to compete—and enjoyed a special cocktail reception with fellow members.



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