This week at IVY, we’re tackling some big questions…

Have you ever wondered how stress is affecting you in ways you can’t see or feel? We’re not talking about those bags under your eyes or how tired you feel—we’re talking about actual fight or flight medical conditions you’re not aware of. Nicole Weekes, Professor of neuroscience at Pomona College, will share key skills in a salon discussion to help us manage stress and lead a more balanced life.

Here’s another question. How much power does the mind have over the body? We all know the answer in some vague sense, but what does it really mean? Believe it or not, our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes both directly influence our physiology and our physical health. Dr. Catherine Sanderson, one of the nation’s leading psychology professors, will discuss the physical/mental health divide at an Ideas Night in DC.

Tired of questions? We’re not. Here’s one more. What’s the future of human genetic engineering? One day you’ll order a baby like you order a burrito at Chipotle—with every single accessory and topping you want. Jamie Metzl, author of Genesis Code will unravel the mysteries of human genetic engineering at an engaging talk in Miami.

When we’re not asking questions, we’re working out. This week we’re hitting up a very special barre class in New York and a BollyX class in Boston.

To close out the week, we’re heading to the Renwick Gallery for a tour of a special exhibition featuring leading contemporary artists including Maya Lin, Tara Donovan, and Janet Echelman, among others.

It’s quite a week here at IVY — we hope to see you at one or many of our great events.

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