“We need to demand more from publishers online,” says IVY member Case Kenny. After all, what meaning are we gaining from 12 Classic Love Scenes Improved By A Chipotle Burrito or 10 Leaves Who Totally Nailed What It’s Like Going To The Club? It’s a fair question.

Case’s new project PRSUIT tackles the brainless content pervading the web. Despite the numbers of articles shared every single day, it’s impossible to find anything substantial or legitimate.

With PRSUIT, Case hopes to provide content that connects his readers to true lifestyle experiences. On the day of his 30th birthday, New York Times-Bestelling Author Adam Braun shares the most important lessons he learned in his twenties. Paul Jarvis reveals no one is actually leading the life they seem on the internet. And passionate entrepreneur James Altucher interviewed 80 highly successful people and shares major life tricks that apply to all of us. The well-curated content on PRSUIT is designed to motivate and inspire its readers to change their perspective and aim for radical success. Case sat down with IVY Magazine to talk about his experience striving for legitimate content, while building a business from the ground up.

Reach out to Case if:

  • You have an inspiring story to share! PRSUIT is always looking for new contributors.
  • You write for a great blog, and you’re interested in possibly reposting your content.
  • You want to connect and just chat! Case loves to meet new and interesting people and is always down for coffee, call or Skype session!

Case is an IVY Member (CHI). Connect and collaborate with him here.


IVY: Why did you choose to create PRSUIT?

Current online content didn’t speak to me—it seemed so formulaic. I needed something that was transparent, and I wanted to understand the merit behind the author’s word. It was the “why” that I craved.

I’m a busy guy—I want to read something, be inspired by it, and hopefully take it to heart. In the end, I created my own formula for content: here’s my experience, here’s what I’ve learned from it, and here’s what I think you can learn from it. That what I call “perspective that inspires.”

We’re exposed to so much information, but if we are presented with the information through someone’s personal perspective, then we can truly learn something.

IVY: What has been your biggest challenge with PRSUIT?

The tough part is that you can always fall into pitfalls, like creating click bait. In the beginning, I was all about scale and revenue. I had to learn how to stay true to my vision, while continuously engaging and getting new followers. I think if you ask any publisher, that’s always the challenge.

You can sit down and say let’s get more traffic, then end up publishing “ten ways you are a corgi.” Boom, traffic goes through the roof, but then you’re sacrificing your vision.

IVY: What’s your great source of inspiration in life?

I think it’s been the outreach of people who read or follow PRSUIT—whether it’s email, on our site, Instagram, or whatever else it may be. It absolutely makes my day when someone tells me my content is inspiring. My goal is to help bring sources of inspiration to others, and it’s especially meaningful when that inspiration helps them seek out a new lifestyle or experience.

IVY: What’s the best piece of advice that you have received?

One of the best pieces of advice that wasn’t given to me in person comes from Steve Jobs. He said, “A players hire A players, and B players hire C players.” It means that you need to surround yourself with the best talent you can, which is worth the cost—whether it’s hiring costs or just the cost of hunting them down and getting them to work with you.

IVY: Name your biggest mistake and what you’ve learned from it?

In the beginning with PRSUIT—and I think many entrepreneurs fall into this—I often put the cart before the horse, and tried to build things before I had something to offer to others. From a content standpoint, I knew what I wanted to offer, but I was so focused on revenue and marketing tactics that I didn’t fine-tune my content vision extremely early on.  

Many people are so influenced by the whole startup scene where they just want to make revenue quickly instead of their actual product. I’ve heard advice that revenue comes first, and then everything will come, and maybe that works with certain models, but I feel from a publishing standpoint, that is not true.

You truly have to differentiate yourself in the publishing sphere. At first, I got lost in the vanity metrics that it took me more time to truly refine what PRSUIT meant to me on a value-driven level. I was lucky to learn my mistake early on.

IVY: What are ways IVY Members can help support you or get involved with PRSUIT?

IVY members are our ideal audience: the driven, successful professionals, who are looking for more in life. One of the best ways to help support our endeavor is read PRSUIT and just tell me what you think of it. I also would encourage members to submit any lesson learned. It can be 200 words or 18,000 words – I don’t care.

If you think you have an experience that can provide value for someone’s life, we want to hear it. If you have a blog that you write for, tell me about it, and I can help republish your content. The whole idea of PRSUIT is that there are so many great stories and experiences out there, but they are all over the place. I just want to curate them all onto one platform, and I’m sure IVY members are perfect folks who can help do that.

We are very transparent and want anyone to tell us their story, and we will publish it for them. I have had people who really want to be published, and they send me a story that needs some work. Many editors will turn them away on the spot, but at PRSUIT, we work with people to help get their story out. That’s how badly I want to tell other people’s stories.

If anything strikes a chord, please reach out to me.

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