Meet Irish-Italian philanthropist Natasha Rocca Devine: IVY LA Member, novelist, daughter of a former Miss Ireland and Irish Footballer, and stepdaughter of music icon Van Morrison. Guided by a genuine love for social impact, she serves as an assistant consultant for a wide range of non profits, including Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, Bono’s ONE Campaign and Theolonious Monk Institute of Jazz.

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What is the social cause you care most about, and what are the biggest ways IVY members can help support?

The social cause that I wish to share with IVY Members is Mr. Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project, which fights climate change. This cause is inextricably linked to all other causes, so it must be addressed in a proactive way. For example, in the last 40 years, 50% of the wildlife on earth has been wiped out. If we don’t address the climate issue, other issues (such as the drought in California) will continue to rise, affecting us and the following generations. In addition, all the other social issues will only be exacerbated.

Learn more about the Climate Reality Project here.

Tell me about your first book—what was the impetus and what is the greatest lessons from your journey?

Awareness: Creating your own Balance in Life is an A-Z style self-improvement book encouraging everyone to live in the moment and in balance. It stems from the fact I was in a coma when I was 19 after a really bad car accident and had to remain in the moment to get through each day.

In a sense it’s like a diary of things that helped me through my recovery but it’s much broader and I did a lot of research to connect this book to all personalities. The message of my book is about living in the moment and if you can’t because of certain difficulties, then finding options to help you to do so.

After this experience, I traveled the world, worked and studied and took on the role as an ambassador for Aware and SARI to encourage others in finding happiness, something I believe we all deserve. 

Awareness - Book Cover

What’s a current project of yours that you are excited about?

I adore each of my clients projects’ and have the honor to assistant one of the most talented philanthropists and creative minds I’ve ever met, Ms. Kimmel. At ck/la each day working for our causes is a pleasure.

Prior to this, I had so much fun writing my second book (first fiction), The Industry, and at present I am creating my third book, a romantic comedy. Meanwhile, I am Interiors Editor for Haute So Fabulous and cherish the time spent writing monthly Love Letters From LA.

One day I hope to create my own Foundation in support of positive mental health, particularly for young kids and teenagers.

Until then, my aim is to make the most of everyday and in some way to share and create light on the way!

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