Meet IVY Member David Carrico, former philosophy buff, Angel Investor, and entrepreneur whose first company, EvntLive Inc, was acquired by Yahoo! in December of 2013. As an investor, David has a helpful knack for figuring out trends before they happen. His portfolio of startups is diverse, but his own interests draw him toward new companies in ad and media tech. Read David’s story, and connect with him below to collaborate!


IVY: What type of investments do you do?

I invest in two different capacities. First, I run my family office. My mom, Judy Estrin, is a nine-time technologist and was formerly on the Board of Disney. We invest in traditional tech as well as in new media and digital platforms. We look at a wide range of companies—everything from (a new digital platform to bring millennials smarter news) to a company that creates blood monitoring software to help diabetics.

I am also a Partner at a company called Focus Investments, which is primarily focused on Bitcoin technology and the cryptocurrency world. I’m personally interested in companies that are looking to digitally transform traditional tech companies—for example, ad tech and media tech.

IVY: How do you pick your projects?

First and foremost, we invest in the team. We look for entrepreneurs who have some sort of prior experience. They don’t have to have started a company before, but they must demonstrate that they have the fortitude to make it through the process. We also look for people we personally want to work with. We want to be excited to run into that person in the middle of the street and grab a cup of coffee.

We invest very early, so I often take advisory roles within the companies we invest in. We like to be as involved in the process as possible. We don’t want to prevent entrepreneurs from growing on their own, but we want to be as available as possible as a resource. We do whatever we can to provide value.

IVY: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

There’s a quote by Buckminster Fuller that I like:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

That quote really resonates with me because too often, entrepreneurs try to change something that already exists. Instead, they should be thinking of a new idea entirely.

IVY: What do you believe in that no one else believes?

I think that we are very quickly approaching a world where decentralized technology will become increasingly prevalent. We will see a massive shift toward political, financial, and technological decentralization. That will be a mechanism that could really end up saving democracy and our world as we know it.

The ability to implement decentralized architecture across a wide range of industries has the opportunity to shift how corporations are run, allowing individuals to not just be shareholders in a company, but to individually contribute to a greater whole in a myriad of new ways that do not require geographic constraints, or the same type of hierarchy as current organizations.

IVY: If you could give a TED talk on anything, what subject would you pick?

My TED talk would be on technology’s influence on culture. What I’m really interested in right now is this concept of the digital “detox” versus the digital “retox”. What psychological effect does constant stimulation have on humans? What does constant connectivity do for our sense of empathy? Does it create more narcissism? How do we interact with each other as a result of this constant dopamine rush from social media?

IVY: How can members help support you?

We want to be as accessible as possible when it comes to looking at new deals, so if you have an interesting company or know about an interesting company, we’re always happy to check it out!

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