Kristen Eykel has no shortage of talents: she is an international supermodel, yoga expert, meditation guru, mystic, hypnotherapist, TV host, teacher, mom, entrepreneur, childbirth consultant, writer—the list goes on.

But perhaps her greatest talent is demystifying the world of meditation and hypnosis, making it accessible, fun, and refreshingly down to earth. A state of altered consciousness is not a symbol of weakness, she explains—rather, it lends you the tools and courage you need to discover your strongest self.

Take a look at some of Kristen’s top insights for the IVY community.


Let yourself go into a hypnotic state; you’re already there more than you know

The most common misconception about being hypnotized is that it’s some weird alternative state where you are out of control and incapable of choosing for yourself. It’s the exact opposite.

Imagine that it’s Saturday afternoon. It’s beautiful outside and you’ve decided to take a thirty-minute nap. You lie down, and in ten minutes, you’re comfortable and peaceful. Then, the phone rings. You think: do I get up and get that phone, or do I stay here, peaceful?

The moment when you are in that decision making process, choosing to stay comfortable instead of getting the phone—that’s the hypnotic state. You are actively present and choosing to stay relaxed. Hypnosis is literally a brain wave that we enter naturally many times a day. It’s that place right before you go to sleep, or the conscious awareness state when you wake up three minutes before your alarm. It allows you to access other aspects of intelligence and transcend into this other being.

Believe in the extraordinary; mundane thoughts will only give you mundane results

Meditators use meditation to heighten their creativity. Look at Dali and Einstein. They always used alternative thought processes to think of new solutions to a problem. Einstein once said: “Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them.” The mundane thought is just giving you the mundane output. It you want to make yourself extraordinary, you must let yourself feel what extraordinary means.

When I lead someone through hypnosis, I don’t want that person to think on a cognitive level. I want them to think on a passion level. I want someone to connect to his or her soul’s purpose. You may be thinking: “I’m here on this earth to do something, I just don’t know what it is.” Once you figure “it” out, you start to soar. Your health improves, and your sense of wellbeing improves. I teach the tools that can give you the freedom to grow.

The first step toward meditation is the direction and the drive. If you believe it’s just for hippies—sure, that’s fine. If you are happy and satisfied, don’t change a thing about your life. If, however, the word ‘meditation’ has you feeling a little unsettled or uncomfortable for other reasons, then perhaps begin to investigate what’s uncomfortable about it for you. That something might be lurking under the bed, and you just don’t want to look at it. But when you’re ready to go there, it’s far easier to face than you imagine. Let yourself fall in love with an aspect of yourself that you’ve never met. I’ve been doing this for ages, and every time I do hypnosis or meditation, I always keep discovering things about myself.

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Change the way you talk to yourself, and magnificent things happen

If you change the way you think, you change who you are.

We tell ourselves things like: “I’m fat. I’m ugly. I’m self-conscious. I’m going to have a heart attack.” But your body is a self-replicating machine that does what you tell it to. We speak to ourselves in a constant litany of insults. You would not let your best friend speak to you the way you speak to yourself. As a result, your body responds with a lower level of intention, energy, and integrity. Instead, if we say to ourselves, “look how beautiful and strong you are, and how you heal, and you well you sleep,” we alter our experience of living within our bodies. Instead of fighting yourself, let your body become your ally.

To me, believing is seeing; seeing is not believing. Our filter of the world can become very clogged. We’re so adept with narrow ways of thinking that we prove ourselves right with every limited thought we have. If you clear your filter, you change the way you see the world. You also start setting yourself up to receive new information. What we give out to the world, we receive back.

Join the cause!

In my world, I always think: how can I serve you? How can we serve each other’s purpose?

If anything I have said has resonated with anyone, then there’s some way this serves his or her purpose. I have a feeling that IVY members truly want to create something larger than the confines of a little box. If we can create something bigger together, email me, reach out, ask me a question! I do not know how I can serve your purpose. You may not even know how. But if there’s a calling, follow it up. My goal is to build a retreat center, teach around the world, and have an online community for where the world can jump in, feel heard, and feel supported.

I would also love to invite the IVY community to join me in Hawaii! I am doing a training there this June (yoga, meditation, and Reiki certifications for my students!) and would love to extend the invite out to this incredible group of folks out to change the world by changing themselves….My link is:

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