Can a pile of computer data tell us more about you than your mother?

The answer is yes, according to researchers from Cambridge and Stanford, who analyzed the “likes” of 86,220 Facebook users to see if a computer model could predict someone’s personality as well as his or her closest friends.

The results? By analyzing only 10 likes, a computer is a better judge of your personality than your coworkers. With the data from 70 likes, a computer out-predicts your roommate. After 150 likes, the machine competes with your parents, and after 300 likes, it beats out your spouse.

According to lead author Wu Youyou from Cambridge, “In the future, computers could be able to infer our psychological traits and react accordingly, leading to the emergence of emotionally intelligent and socially skilled machines.”

If a computer can perform as well as a human brain, does that mean a computer could surpass human judgment? Is sci-fi flick Her on its way to becoming reality? It remains up to us to decide whether machines can finally fix human imperfection, or whether it’s imperfection that makes us human.

Read more and check out the study’s methodology here.